Tools to bring back your business mojo


I’m sure I’m not alone here, but when everything got real last week and so many businesses seemed to be impacted literally overnight, it definitely shook my optimism. I am the kind of person who always looks on the bright side of things, and so to stop those feelings of disbelief and uncertainty in their tracks, I used three simple strategies to set me back on course. Doing these three things has inspired me to continue to pursue my dreams and the vision I have for my business – perhaps with even more conviction that ever before – and I would love to share these tools with you too.

If motivation for your business is missing from your life right now, here’s three super simple things you can do today, to bring back your business mojo.

Go back to what brings you joy in your business.

Take the pressure off yourself instantly by creating space in your day to do the thing that lights you up most in your business. When you rediscover the connection between what brings you joy and what your business is pursuing, your self determination will kick back in and you’ll flourish again. Spending time planning for the future of my business is what does it for me, and when I begin each day working on my vision, it cultivates a positive frame of mind and leads to taking proactive action.


Turn off your inner critic and quieten your worry by taking a moment to visualise the success you’re dreaming of. Find a quiet place, close your eyes and begin to vividly imagine the future reality of your business. What does it look like? How do you feel? What good are you doing in the world? What rewards are you receiving? Visualisation has a powerful effect on raising your energy and cultivating a positive outlook, and can be used as a tool to take the power out of your self doubt and negative self talk instantly. Your brain might be telling you that everything is stacked against you right now, but with visualisation, you can help to reprogram these unhelpful messages.


Remember the last time you mastered something new? Those feelings of confidence and competence – like in that moment you were unstoppable? Finding something to learn and conquer that you can apply to your business – no matter how big or small the skill is – has the potential to change your entire outlook. The key to making ‘expansion’ work for you is to choose something to master quickly, so that you reignite your self belief in real time and get the benefits of positive reinforcement immediately. This week I set about learning how to create an opt in page in SquareSpace, and a couple of YouTube videos later – I succeeded! While this might seem like a simple skill to learn, it had a big impact on my overall confidence!