5 prompts for a new year brand reset

Shift your thinking and inspire your planning with these five brand refresh prompts that will help influence your brand strategy in 2024.


Scrap traditional marketing & build brand advocacy

Yield more sustainable and impactful results than traditional marketing initiatives by shifting your focus away from transactional interactions, and towards building genuine, long term relationships with your customers.

Engaging small-scale content creators and hosting in-person experiences are powerful advocacy-building initiatives which support the growing trend towards real, honest and transparent brand interactions.

Shift your thinking to digital-first

Digital platforms continue to dominate the business landscape and optimising for online customer / client experiences first is now the norm.

Key areas to assess across your digital strategy include the interactivity / engagement level of your content, and the ease with which people can access your products and services online.

Personalise and tailor interactions

Despite the rise of AI, people expect their interactions with your brand to based on their individual preferences now more than ever.

Tailor your marketing using the value captured within your customer data to create a brand experience where your audience not only feels you can meet and exceed, but also anticipate their needs.

Come back to consistency

Showing up is half the battle in reaching audiences and by predictably and reliably doing so, you easily outperform the majority.

Centralise your brand and content creation efforts, batch tasks to enhance the cohesion of your output, and plan key launch dates and campaign initiatives in advance to avoid reactive, inefficient marketing.

Try something new

Audiences are ever-changing and now may be the time to reinvigorate by adding a new dimension to your brand experience.

Look to other product / service segments for ideas to cross-pollinate. What can you learn and apply to your brand to move with the pace of expectation? Follow up with an assessment of your past initiatives to reveal which spaces across your brand you can bring newness to.