4 traits of X factor brands

Have you ever stopped to wonder what makes an ‘it brand’ ‘it’?

Beyond good products or services, and a good experience – how does a brand create X factor that inspires loyal followers, repeat customers and critical engagement mass? Chances are they are employing one or more of these 4 powerful tactics.


Sharing freely

When brands freely share useful and trustworthy information, they can gain a significant advantage over others. Giving away knowledge shows customers that the brand truly cares about and values their needs, which has an undeniable pulling-effect.

Brand example: MECCA


Friend-like connections

A brand with distinctly human characteristics is thoroughly captivating and sparks deeper friend-like connection that is hard to break once established. Your vibe attracts your tribe and a tribe has the power to spread like wildfire when you lean fully in to your brand personality.

Brand examples: Go To Skincare & Frank Body



Personalisation is the new luxury and gives customers a channel a little luxe in to their every day life. Tailoring experiences to the individual desires of each customer appeals to the aspiration in each of us and makes a brand memorable for all the right reasons.

Brand example: The Dairy & David Jones



Working towards a common goal is a powerful unifying force and when a brand recognises this, it fast-tracts the creation of a cult following. Create a halo-effect by proudly standing for a goal, cultural cause or moment of change that is deeply important to your desired customer, and watch your brand become a movement.

Brand examples: The Ordinary & Lorna Jane