Three simple ways to take action towards achieving your dream today


Helping people to realise the business they are dreaming of is what I love most about being a designer – the chance to be part of bringing someones vision to life is what gets me out of bed every morning, and is the reason behind everything I do.

But when you have a vision for something you want to achieve, sometimes it can seem so big that it’s tricky to know where to begin. So here’s three simple actions from me, that you can take today towards bringing your dream to life!

1 – “You can’t be what you can’t see.”

I wasn’t sure that I agreed with this quote when I first heard it, but it’s sentiment is growing on me. When you can see someone succeeding at the thing you dream of, it makes the pathway to achieving the same success more realistic because you have someone real to relate to. A simple thing you can do today is to reach out to someone on Instagram who’s doing what you want to achieve, and say ‘hey!’ You never know what might come out of the experience of connecting with someone you admire and acknowledging their journey.

2 – Write your dream down or create a vision board.

You’ve probably heard this a million times before, but there are statistics that suggest the simple act of writing your goal down means you are 42% more likely to achieve that goal! A simple thing you can do today is to find a way to document your dream that is meaningful and resonates with you: perhaps through either with words or images, and keep this within your awareness everyday. It will help you to continue to see the possibility in what you want to achieve.

3 – Just do one small thing.

This next tip is something I learned from my wellness coaching study – a course I am doing for my own personal interest all about the psychology of how people make change. Achieving a goal is really just the sum of a whole lot of tiny little actions, that eventually add up to greatness. And to avoid feeling overwhelmed when it comes to realising your dream – it’s best to just do one small thing everyday. Perhaps you can research something on Google, enrol yourself in a course and up-skill, start an Instagram account and begin sharing your passion, or even just reach out to a friend and share your vision. Just by doing any one of these small things, you will have taken real action towards achieving your dream!