The power of brand positioning


I have long been obsessed with the reasons why people choose one brand over another. And while there are countless academic explanations for this, I find the simplest answer lies in the power of brand positioning.


What is brand positioning?

Brand positioning is a frame through which people view a business’s individualism, its personality and its reputation within a market. It is a set of traits a business deliberately and consistently embodies in order to capture the attention of a specific audience.

Imagine you are looking for a new facial moisturiser. There are endless options on offer, all of which promise to effectively hydrate your skin. How do you decide which one to choose? Your choice will largely be influenced by brand position.

One brand may position itself as 100% natural and emphasise their use of organic ingredients and commitment to sustainable packaging. Another brand may position itself as scientifically formulated with premium ingredients. And another brand may position itself as unfussy and good value for money.

Each of these brands has strategically positioned itself to appeal to different target audiences with specific needs, preferences and values. And by doing so, they differentiate themselves from their competitors and make it easier for people to make a choice based on their individual desires.

Effective brand positioning also helps to build connection and emotional attachment beyond the initial transaction and enhances the lifetime value of your relationship. Showing up with a consistent brand position builds the perception of value, quality and trust over time, and has the potential to influence your market share and profitability, simply by knowing who you are as a business and standing proudly for it.

In competitive segments such as healthcare, the art of brand positioning isn’t just a strategy. It’s a powerful force that helps propel businesses towards growth, impact and long term success.