The 7 essential tips for successful health product packaging


Are you in the process of formulating a new food, skincare or personal care product, or perhaps you’re looking to take your existing product to the next level? Your product packaging will no doubt need to play an important role in promoting your health product on shelf, but also protecting it.

A successful packaging solution is a fine balance between practicality, communication and aesthetics, and in some cases – sustainability. And over the years, I’ve discovered the absolute essentials to consider when it comes to packaging design – guaranteed to lead to a successful on-shelf outcome.

Here are the 7 most important things you should consider when it comes to designing packaging for your products:


#1 – Successful packaging is practical

Always begin with the practical demands of your product in mind.

Will you need to protect it from:

✓ light?

✓ air?

✓ freezer burn?

✓ breakage when being handled robustly in store?

First and foremost, packaging should protect your product and minimise wastage costs.

#2 – Choose an efficient packaging shape

Optimise the shape and size of your packaging to make best use of your shipping cartons. This avoids paying to ship ‘air’.

#3 – Highlight your recyclability and sustainability features

If your packaging can be recycled, it can be helpful to tell your customers how to do that (i.e. which bin to place it in e.g. council kerbside composting bin, or which exchange receptacle it is suitable for).

Or if your packaging can’t be recycled, perhaps you can inspire your customers to up-cycle it instead by featuring creative suggestions as part of your promotional messaging.

#4 – Optimise packaging width and height for retailers

Research the retail environment your product will be displayed in, and optimise the height, width and depth of your packaging to fit their shelves. This is particularly important if you are looking to have your product ranged in major retailers.

#5 – Design will all sides in mind

Don’t forget to consider all ‘faces’ of your packaging. If your design is visually engaging ‘all round’, this can help you when your product is not ‘faced’ well on shelf.

#6 – Add uniqueness with your material choice

Think outside the box – is there a unique material you can use to package your product, to help you stand out on shelf?

✓ biodegradable paper?

✓ calico?

✓ polypropylene?

Perhaps look to other ‘categories’ of products for inspiration too – not just what your competition is up to.

#7 – Uplevel the unboxing experience

And finally, for online retailers, your packaging can be a part of creating a special brand experience.

Don’t forget about your:

✓ outer shipping box

✓ mailing label

✓ the material you use as ‘filler’

✓ and a little thank you message to create a memorable moment in their day.