Meet Tonina, and her vibrant wellness brand, Tonina Rizzo, Nutritionist

The story of how Tonina and I met is wonderfully serendipitous – her husband actually built the house I live in. And if you’ve ever been to my house, you’ll know how much I adore it – it has a positive, uplifting energy and is beautifully light-filled.

In many ways that’s how I’d describe Tonina too.

When we first started to talk about working together, Tonina wasn’t quite sure of what was special and unique about her business, and what value she had to offer the people she wanted to work with.

A bunch of questions and an hour or so later, I had defined it for her. I then went on to create a range of design elements to help her to go out there and confidently promote herself to the world.

Her brand came together quite quickly and easily, as the projects I work on tend to do. I truely believe this is because of the quality of the questions I ask and the research I do, combined with my unique ability to intuitively understand people and express the incredible things about them that make them who they are.

After she officially launched her brand, I was absolutely thrilled to see Tonina go on to achieve one of her first business goals in just two and a half weeks! It’s a wonderfully inspiring story of confidence and you can read about it here.

I asked Tonina to share a bit more about her start up journey with you and what advice she would offer now that she has realised her dream – I hope you really enjoy this read!


What do you wake up thinking about each morning, and go to sleep thinking about every night?

Every morning I wake up thinking about my day ahead. I visualise it according to how I would like to see it going and imagine myself being brave, courageous and kind in my endeavours.

What three words would you use to sum up the impact your brand has on the world?

Health, vitality, hope.

What daily rituals do you have that are non-negotiable, to help you live the happiest and healthiest version of your life?

Visualisation each morning helps set me up for a positive and productive day ahead.

What does a day in the life you’ve created look like?

At present, it is a 5.30am wake up. Visualisation, exercise, breakfast smoothie, shower, work.

Can you share your fave place to eat, or a dish you love to make?

My daughter recently took me to this amazing place on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy called Rice Paper Scissors – they have so many delicious options for people who are gluten and dairy intolerant. For lunch I love Alimentari.

What advice would you give other people wanting to start their own business, now that you have successfully launched yours?

Be patient, life is long. Keep a scrap book of everything you want and see for yourself. You may not have the means to make it all happen right now but having a scrap book keeps the ideas fresh in your mind and helps to build a vivid picture of what you want to achieve. And also, hire a professional to help you get started. I could never have got to where I am today and have the image I have without the help of Alisha. She really saw who I am reflected the essence of me.

What exciting goals do you have for where you want to take your business next?

I would like to develop and run more tailored health and wellness programs reaching a greater number of people all the while continuing to give personalised service. Collaborating with a wellness retreat would be nice also!