Meet Sasha (and Aaron) and their radical brand, Wholesome Harry

No two projects I work on are ever the same, and even with the smallest of tasks, I always strive to challenge my thinking and improve on my ideas. But when Sasha approached me about her project, Wholesome Harry, I knew that this one would not be like anything I had done before.

Wholesome Harry is an incredible innovation. Sasha is a devoted dog owner and together with her best friend Aaron, they are on a mission to provide dogs with homemade, highly nourishing meals – while making feeding fur babies the most simple, fuss free thing a dog owner has to do. Their filler-free, pre-made meals contain only human grade ingredients, and come in pre-portioned packs in the exact amount you need to feed your dog based on its weight and age. It’s revolutionary.

As someone who doesn’t own a pet, I immersed myself in understanding what’s important to dog owners in the products the choose, and set about creating a brand that would speak of the simplicity of the offering, yet also have a modern, youthful and playful tone. Now that the brand is launched, I wanted to share with you Sasha’s vision for Wholesome Harry, how she balances bringing her dream to life with a full time career, and how pet ownership helps her to be the happiest, healthiest version of herself. Hope you enjoy this read!


What do you wake up thinking about each morning, and go to sleep thinking about every night?

In the morning, no sooner than a limb has moved or an eyelid has fluttered open, a fluffy black creature pounces on me, then begins pawing me, a move which translates roughly to ‘walk me NOW’ in dog. A very cute start to the day.

In the evening, I know it sounds a bit trite but I try and practice gratitude and think about all the positive things in my life. I had a tumultuous last year losing a parent and coming out of a long term relationship, so it helps to take stock and focus on all the wonderful gifts in my life, my puppy Panda (of course) my great friends, family, the business and my little home.

What three words would you use to sum up the impact your brand has on the world?

Wholesome, conscientious, convenience.

What daily rituals do you have that are non-negotiable, to help you live the happiest and healthiest version of your life?

Every morning when walking Panda I head to the local coffee cart near my station where Sam (the owner) and team serve up fantastic coffee and conversation… it’s a great way to launch the day and reminds me to take a beat, and to enjoy a slower moment. Things can be hectic but it’s important to carve out this time.

I have baths pretty regularly too, it’s such an everyday luxury… just add a book and a glass of red wine and I’m in full relaxation mode.

What does a day in the life you’ve created look like?

When I wake up I tend to start by patting Panda and writing emails back to our wonderful customers.

After my morning coffee ritual, I head into the city where I work as a lawyer. It is pretty fast paced and varied, I might be attending a hearing one day and drafting submissions the next. After that, you will find me cooking and packaging meals for puppers with a lot of love. My business partner Aaron and I are best friends, so there is always a lot of laughter and ideas bouncing around.

Can you share your fave place to eat, or a dish you love to make?

I love to cook. At the moment my preference is to invite friends over and cook for them. There is something really satisfying about taking care of and nourishing your loved ones with food prepared with thought and care. Confit duck or slow cooked lamb are go to ‘special’ recipes but my baby brother loves a buffalo mozzarella lasagne that I also love to make.

What advice would you give other people wanting to start their own business, now that you have successfully launched yours?

You can do it! Everyone has a great idea inside them, and their own way of making it happen. For me, I try to take pleasure at the small achievements. Going out on a limb and just trying in business is success, depending on how you frame success, of course.

What exciting goals do you have for where you want to take your business next?

In the near future, we are looking to produce a quality product that is non-perishable – a ‘kibble with a difference’ as we know the shortcuts sometimes used in the dry pet food market are questionable… This would allow us to offer a quality longer life product outside of Melbourne and even outside of Australia.