Meet Emma, my go-to marketing sidekick, and her brand Wilde Assembly


Whenever someone asks me who they should speak to when it comes to marketing strategy, I never hesitate. Emma is always the first person that comes to mind.

Our journey began way back when she was the Marketing Manager for a client of mine, and after working with Emma to bring the first of her ideas to life for that brand – I knew I’d met someone with the same creative, yet pragmatic approach to brand building as me. I gave her the title of the ‘best Marketing Manager’ I’d ever worked with, and when she moved on to a new role, I really missed her get-sh*t-done approach. I kept my fingers crossed that our paths would meet again.

I distinctly remember how excited I was when Emma called me a year or so later and told me all about her plans to launch her own marketing agency, and her dream to work with health and wellness brands like me – but also, to work without the boundaries of an office or even a permanent city. Since creating her brand last year, Emma has worked and lived an inspiring, digitally nomadic lifestyle, and with each new opportunity I see her take on (and own), I am reminded that the only limitations we experience in our lives are the ones we place on ourselves. Emma is truely an incredible woman who is proof that the life you dream of living is absolutely and positively possible – no matter what that dream is!

Emma shared some more of her wisdom with me in this Q&A, and it might just be my fave client story yet. Hope you are inspired by Emma and her approach to life, just as much as I!


What do you wake up thinking about each morning, and go to sleep thinking about every night?

Every night I go to bed thinking about what I have to do the next day, and every morning I think about what I need to do for the day – ha! I always like to make sure I’ve got the general gist of things, and I love a checklist to tick them off. However in saying that, I am also very mindful of restful sleep and I consciously make sure I am using sleep time to silence the mind, and get rest.

What three words would you use to sum up the impact your brand has on the world?

Harnessing your relevance: this is an important first step for me when working with brands and businesses. It is so important to make sure, amidst all the love that one might have for their own brand, that is actually relevant. My brand’s impact on the world, really comes from helping other brands discover their impact on the world. It is my job to help others get their brand into the world, and to do this I need to help them harness their relevance. No matter how great your idea may be, or how hard you work, it is pointless if it doesn’t hold relevance in the market. This takes some very real conversations. Sometimes a brand or business will have this relevance immediately, and other times I need to help them see some adjustments that can be made, while allowing them to stay true to their passions.

What daily rituals do you have that are non-negotiable, to help you live the happiest and healthiest version of your life?

I try to exercise every day. I go to the gym but am also big on getting in my 10,000 daily steps on top of that. That happens most days, but in reality not all. Looking after my skin every day is non-negotiable. It’s something my mother taught me when I was young and something that has stuck with me for life. I always do my face routine both morning and night. This is non-negotiable whether I have a full face of make-up and a late night, or I’m camping with only freezing cold water, it’s something I always get done. I would have to say that being on top of my things to do, that I mentioned as my morning and evening thoughts, also plays a big part in living the happiest version of myself. I hate the feeling of having things hanging over my head to do, or feeling unaccomplished, or unprepared. I like it when everything is prepared and aligns nicely into my day. Lastly, not a day goes by where I don’t think about where I want to be in the near future and what I can do to get there. This involves life goals, travel goals, business goals, and relationship goals. Relationships with those close to me is something I always strive to keep on top of, to stay the happiest version of myself.

What does a day in the life you’ve created look like?

In the morning I like go to the gym first thing, that way I’ve started the day off right. I always have a smoothie for breakfast, I love that they are filling but light! I have a few different locations that I work from so I usually think about which one is best for the day, pack my lunch, and head off. Up until a few weeks ago I was fitting my Masters degree (in Marketing) in to my day, alongside work. So I would allocate Mondays’ to uni and the rest of the week to my business, and then have to find random slots of time to further supplement uni. Now I’ve just finished my Masters, I won’t need to think of that anymore. I’ll spend the extra time working directly on my business, and work directly on clients the other days. I’m also very lucky to manage my own schedule so if I need or want to do something else with my day, and I can make it fit, then I’ll do that. If I can get a beach walk in as well, to achieve those 10,000 steps, then I’m complete!

Can you share your fave place to eat, or a dish you love to make?

I eat a plant based diet for optimal health, alongside consideration of the animals that we share the earth with and consideration of our planet. I am so happy with the amount of plant based alternatives there are available in everyday supermarkets that allow people to make delicious foods whilst decreasing their cruelty and environmental impact, and focusing on a healthier version of themselves. I have gone through my phase of the BBQ burger patties, the plant based “chicken”, and the vege sausages and have now moved on to an obsession with plant-based mince. I have been making spaghetti bolognese with the mince, using mushrooms, onions, garlic, red wine, and whole tinned tomatoes, just like you would a meat-based spaghetti. However, a lot of these substitutes are a little bit indulgent so I do always try to make sure I’m having wholefoods like beans, salads, vegies, chickpeas, etc. in the majority of my diet. I also love to squeeze a range of fruit and vegetables into juices at the beginning of the week, for the week. People don’t often realise that you can actually store freshly squeezed juice for a week or so, so it’s a great way to pre-prep and then get a daily dose of vitamins. In terms of places to eat, I am a sucker for a great Italian or Mexican restaurant (hold the coriander)!

Here’s a favourite “recipe” of mine (note the measurements are open for interpretation, I make it up as I go along!):

Slow cooked borlotti beans

Soak 1-2 packs of borlotti beans overnight in a bowl of water. Add them to a slow cooker with chopped vegetables like onion, carrots, capsicum, plus some tinned tomatoes and vegetable stock and/or water to provide plenty of liquid to reduce throughout the cooking process. Throw in any flavouring desired – garlic, chilli, salt, pepper, paprika, oregano, and a dash of oil to prevent the beans drying out – oh and red wine if you please! Slow cook on low for a few hours, or overnight if there is enough liquid.

What advice would you give other people wanting to start their own business, now that you have successfully launched yours?

Listen to everyone but don’t take everything in. Heart open, but eyes wide open too. You will find yourself in the most random of encounters receiving free pure gold advice and knowledge, but also need to be wary that not everyone’s advice is for you. If people don’t understand your vision, or can’t relate to why you’re taking the leap, that is usually their issue not yours. Pay attention to the people who support you. When you’re hit with desire to launch a business, make sure it is sustainable and go for it. Inklings are there for a reason, it’s called intuition! Also, not every job and every client is for you. It is okay to say no to those who aren’t aligned with your vision or your growth. This is growth in itself.

What exciting goals do you have for where you want to take your business next?

To have an extra 25-30 hours per week after just fishing my masters is a god-send and, with the new year just started, I am planning out all the exciting things I can do with this time. I am looking to really narrow down how I can assist businesses with getting their messages out there, and creating new packages to do this. It’s going to be an exciting year!