Meet Christy, and her inclusive running collective, Lionheart


From the moment I first spoke with Christy about her vision I felt a sense of familiarity, and it didn’t take me long at all to work out why. It’s because we share the same passion for helping people be the greatest version of themselves possible.

As part of the evolution of her career as a running coach, Christy dreamed of creating an inclusive collective of people who share a common dream – to run. Lionheart Athletics & Recreation is a supportive community where all running skill levels are nurtured; individual fitness and personal growth is celebrated; and competitiveness is left at the door.

The logo I created for Lionheart is a combination of two lion heads facing one another and speaks of the power of the group – the bravery that is required to go outside your comfort zone, yet the support of one another to achieve great things.

I interviewed Christy prior to the official launch of Lionheart Athletics & Recreation about what’s most important to her and the difference she wants to make in the world! It’s a fascinating read.


What do you wake up thinking about each morning, and go to sleep thinking about every night?

​I’ll be completely honest – most of the time my first thought is ‘where is the coffee?’ I wake up at 4:30am to get my first training session in for the day and whilst I’m training, I tend to create a little to do list in my head that I write in my diary before I head to work. At night I like to read a few pages of a good book which helps me to switch off and fall to sleep easily. On my drive to and from work, I love to do my deep thinking and planning while I listen to podcasts. I’m always looking for ways to learn more from experts and apply their advice to improve my life and the life of those around me.

What three words would you use to sum up the impact your brand has on the world?

​Empowerment, acceptance, knowledge.

What daily rituals do you have that are non-negotiable, to help you live the happiest and healthiest version of your life?

​I am an endurance athlete and for the most part I really enjoy my training, especially early morning training sessions before the gym is full and the roads are busy. I find when I train before work, I have more energy and I am happier and more alert throughout the day. I always have breakfast – no one wants to be around me if I haven’t had breakfast. I regularly eat overnight oats topped with fruit and yogurt out of a glass jar between the patients I treat as a Radiation Therapist.

What does a day in the life you’ve created look like?

​Right now life is incredibly hectic but I know it won’t be forever. I usually wake up at 4:30am and have something small to eat and a coffee before I head to the gym or get on my indoor bike trainer. The hustle to get ready for work and out the door on time is real, but once I’m in the car, I pop on a podcast or some tunes and lose myself in my thoughts whilst I drive down the freeway. My day job at the hospital is 8am to 5pm and once I finish up there, I either go for a run along the waterfront before heading home, I teach a Pilates class or do Pilates myself, or I study. I then eat dinner with my husband and play with our two dogs – a fox terrier and a dachshund before I go to bed around 9-9:30pm – but sometimes it’s more like 10-10:30pm. I like to read a few pages of a book to help me switch off from my day and get a good nights sleep.

Can you share your fave place to eat, or a dish you love to make?

​My husband and I shop at South Melbourne Market most weeks where there are so many good cafes to eat at – so we try to mix it up every time we visit, however I will say we very rarely walk past Clemet’s without popping in. I’m a creature of habit and if I go out for brunch, I almost always order some kind of smashed avo dish with all the sides – eggs, haloumi/fetta, beans, smoked salmon, tomatoes – depending on what’s on offer. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and the one I really look forward to, so I’ll take any opportunity I can to enjoy an all day breakfast.

What advice would you give other people wanting to start their own business, now that you have successfully launched yours?

​I’m very much a newbie in the business space but I truly believe that if you find your passion your business won’t feel like work.

What exciting goals do you have for where you want to take your business next?

My community run club Lionheart Athletics & Recreation will launch in early September and it is an inclusive celebration of anyone who runs – from the experienced runner to the newcommer, with a coffee catch up after each meet. Once my nutrition degree is completed, I look forward to launching that side of my business as well and helping people to weave their way through all of the unqualified nutrition advice that is spread all over social media… I believe in celebrating individuality and that there is no one size fits all approach to health and fitness.