Where I’m about to take my design career


A couple of months ago, some big questions started to come up for me around life and work, and whether as a designer, this is the truest path I can follow to create the greatest and most positive impact on the world. Since then I’ve been doing a lot of deep thinking and exploring, and I’ve inspired myself to align my business with a new and bigger purpose.

After transforming my own health and wellness following a series of life changing events in my family which many, if not all of you will know about, and experiencing the incredibly positive impact this has had on my ability to reconnect with what’s truely important in life while also pushing me to grow as a person, I’ve been feeling a very strong pull towards wanting to help others make change too. But I’m only one person and I have been quite conflicted about how I can do this on my own. Seems like too big of a task for one little person like me.

Then one day it struck me (right after a Pilates class funnily enough), that my skills, innate talent and experience as a designer actually puts me in the most perfect place to effect massive change. Over the last 15 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with so many other business owners in this space and I can’t even imagine how many people I have unknowingly been able to help through sharing the unique talents of my clients with the world, via design. It’s now crystal-clear to me that I can create far more profound and deep impact by partnering with others in this space, than I could ever effect on my own.

When I am learning about, talking to others about or working on my own wellness, I am my happiest, truest self, and now I’m beginning to shift my business in this direction too, to complete this entire circle of purpose in my life. My new found mission is to become Australia’s most impactful health and wellness designer. I hope thousands, if not millions of people will come in to contact with my work and are inspired to make change to their health and wellness in some small way.

So you might see some changes around here over the next few months – most notably I’ll be sharing more of what wellness means to me and how I manifest this in my life, and how as business owners, we can all achieve the version of wellness we define for ourselves, without sacrificing growth in the process. I’m also currently studying Wellness Coaching to deepen my skills in the area of the psychology of change, the learnings of which I’ve already begun incorporating in to the strategic work I do for my clients to make it even more powerful.

I am beyond excited about this personal and professional evolution, it definitely feels like the clearest path to an even greater legacy and I can’t wait to see where it will lead me, my wonderful clients and countless people around the world.